Toni Malt Academy | Dubai

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I recently trained at the Toni Malt Academy in Dubai with Toni Molt, well renowned Makeup Artist, and her lovely team. It was an experience like no other, and it’s one I feel is so rare and necessary in the beauty community. Toni is the greatest mentor I could have ever asked for, and she’s a makeup artist willing to share her knowledge, tips, tricks, and secrets with her students because she wants to see them flourish.

The makeup academy itself is right out of your makeup dreams. The walls are light shades of grey, and that allows all the makeup looks and outfits to pop in any setting. The design is beautiful and created to serve a function for makeup artists, where there is a space to clean brushes, keep products, hold lectures and create makeup stations with great lighting setups.

The product list is extremely vast, including Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath, Mac, Chanel, Juvias Place, Fenty, Benefit, Natasha Denona, Bobbi Brown, and tons more makeup which is the best of the best. I found this to be very helpful because I, as well as my peers, was able to test out all the different types of skincare, foundation, and brands to see which suited my style and preferences the most. Charlotte Tilbury is definitely one of those brands, and the academy had every single Charlotte Tilbury product for good reason.

Toni also introduced us to legendary makeup artists: Mariam Khairallah (Global Senior Makeup Artist for MAC Middle East), Lauren (Benefit Cosmetics) and Vimi Joshi (Global Senior Artist for MAC Middle East, Asia). It was an absolute pleasure to meet them, and I’m so thankful to them for sharing all their wonderful stories and techniques. What an amazing opportunity!

At the end of the course, Toni and Jullz Beck (Marketing Manager) arranged for us to have a photoshoot showing off our editorial / glam makeup skills on lovely MMG Agency Models for our portfolio. This is one aspect of this course that is so unique from any other makeup course in the world, they fly in a well-renowed beauty and fashion photographer, Sylvio Kühn, to shoot all our looks. Needless to say, all the images turned out beautifully.

I’m so very glad I chose to join the Toni Malt Pro Artists family, and I hope more and more aspiring makeup artists choose this Academy to launch their careers with. There’s no other like it.

– Misha 🙂

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