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Tati Beauty / Finally!

Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Volume I

Tati Beauty is here! Tati Westbrook is a beauty YouTuber I’ve been following since I first started obsessing over watching makeup videos. I wantedto learn and be inspired, and that’s where I found Glam Life Guru’s channel. Tati is a very unique YouTuber because she thinks of her subscribers first. And it shows. She posts quality content almost every day! You can see how passionate she is about makeup and skincare just by watching one video, so if Tati says something is good, it’s great. I, personally, trust her. To hear that she came out with her own makeup line (Tati Beauty), I can honestly say I shed a tear of pride for her. Her first palette, an embodiment of Tati, is a neutrals palette with 6 shades in 4 unique finishes. Each shade works with the other, and each row/column works diagonally or vertically. Not to mention those beautiful glitter shades which look like dancing diamonds. Wow. Why has this never been done before? And can we talk about how this is only palette 1 out of 30?

I can’t wait to test out and form my own opinion on this palette when it arrives, but the reviews are nothing short of great. Tati Beauty will reshape the makeup industry as we know it. Good luck Tati!

Thanks for reading!

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