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Perfect Perfumes . . .


My favorite perfumes for a long time have been a handful of different scents with lots of memories and common notes. I never knew I had an attraction to scents with orange or patchouli and Freesia in them, but I guess I do. I’m not even quite sure what a Freesia flower actually looks like. One scent I can’t stand, however, is definitely heavily floral scents such as rose. I love sweet, fresh, and fruity scents.

One of my oldest perfumes is Miss Dior Cherie. It’s so unique and beautiful, and surprisingly it has notes of popcorn in it as well. It’s mostly sweet from the vanilla and freesia though. If you’ve smelled the signature soap and glory scent, then it’s very similar to that. I found out that Miss Dior Cherie is not available on the market anymore, at least in Dubai, and it made me pretty sad.

Another sweet perfume i absolutely love is Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, because its also very sweet and unique. When I say unique, I mean there’s no other perfume I’ve smelled that’s like it. Not to mention, the packaging is so pretty.

I’ve heard a lot about the Jo Malone fragrances being amazing through youtubers, so i thought i’d try some out. The first one i bought was English Pear and Freesia. Let me tell you, it is absolutely stunning. It smells like a beautiful hotel in a hotel. It is a bit more formal and less sweet. It’s definitely stronger than most of the perfumes I own, so a little does go a super long way.

The second Jo Malone cologne I bought was a smaller size version of Sea Salt and Wood Sage. I was searching for a scent that reminded me of nature, the sea and freshness. That’s exactly what this fragrance smells like… as if you’re next to the sea or it just rained and everything suddenly smells fresh and naturally pretty. Whenever it’s raining, i’ll wear this scent since it reminds me so much of the scent of rain.

The remaining fragrances are a body mist from The Body Shop called Fuji Green Tea, which is super fresh and spa like while the perfume from Lush is called Karma. Karma is inspired by their bubble bar Karma, and it’s a strong scent with spices, orange, patchouli, pine and a lot more. It’s actually really soothing, intriguing, and completely different from anything else out there. I can smell this one for hours!

What are your favorite perfumes?

Thankyou for reading!  🙂

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