Pat McGrath / Mattetrance Lipsticks

Pat McGrath Mattetrance Lipsticks 

Left: Flesh 3 (medium nude)

Right: Mcmenamy (Dark Plum)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pat McGrath, the wonderful, by now. I don’t know why I just recently found out about her, but good things are worth the wait. Pat is a world famous celebrity makeup artist known for her fashion forward, innovative and creative looks. Heard of shimmering glitter red lips? That’s Pat!

I wanted to test out some of her products, so I started with the product I love most – think. Lipstick. Personally, I’d rather have a lipstick than an eyeshadow or anything else. It took me quite some time to choose which colors I wanted, but I knew I wanted a mid tone nude for myself as well as some sort of berry tone.

Flesh 3 and Mcmenamy are, respectively, a rosey mid tone nude and a plummy berry dark pink. I don’t usually gravitate towards nudes because I prefer a brighter more pink color, but I’m on the hunt for my perfect nude. I have to say, Flesh 3 comes very very close. It’s a browny pink with slight peach tones, basically its a wonderful brick color. I have a medium skin tone, around Mac NC35 or Tarte Shape Tape Medium. If you were lighter, this color would be much more brown and deep on you. On the other hand, it would be a light peachy brown on darker skin.

Mcmenamy is a great mix of purple plum, cherry red and bright pink if you sheer it out. It’s quite dark and vampy, so its perfect for fall or any other day. I found that this color was just a bit patchier than Flesh 3, but that would be because this tone is harder to develop. Sheered out, its quite pretty.

As for the formula and packaging, I’ve never seen or felt anything like it. Its interesting, the matte formula feels a bit like a powder to the touch, but once applied it feels creamy. Also, the formula is extremely pigmented. I barely have to touch the bullet to my lip and the color is fully applied in one stroke. I’ve yet to wear it for a very long time, but so far it is a long wear formula. The bullet is extraordinary! The front face of the lipstick is always parallel to the front of the lipstick bullet. Beautiful!

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