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Ouai Wave Spray | Review

I’m not passionate about hair care in the way that i am about makeup and art, but I had to try out this wave spray purely because it’s created by one of the best hairstylist in the business: Jen Atkin. Whoever gets their hair done by Jen or tries out her products instantly falls in love with their hair and the magical abilities her products have. Personally, I don’t like the feeling of hair spray or stiffness to my hair because it feels unnatural to me. The wave spray has a lot of ingredients that do the job well, especially the rice protein which helps lock the waves into place. Another one of the reasons why I really wanted to give this spray a go was because it has no parabens and isn’t tested on animals.

Now my initial thoughts, when I first tried the spray, were that the mist sprays very evenly and that I need to spray it from further away in order to get a more natural look as well as a better finish to my hair. After doing so, I sprayed it from the top of my hair to the bottom while scrunching my hair at the bottom and bringing them upward (as if trying to hold a curl), and that’s when i realised that this spray is actually amazing. I could make curls and waves out of my hair without having to use a curling iron… to me that was an amazing feeling. Given that I already have somewhat wavy hair with the slightest curl at the bottom, I thought the product wouldn’t really make a difference or wouldn’t give me as much volume as i’m looking for…. but it DID. I was left with the most perfect effortless beachy waves with curls and just the right amount of texture! The main thing I wanted was volume, and it surely did give me volume which lasted the whole day on to the next day. My only tip would be to spray it from further away (as the bottle says) because otherwise it starts to feel sticky on the hair and certain parts of the hair get the hold better than others. I really want to try some of her other products now.. like the shampoo, conditioner, texturizing spray, and the dry shampoo. One step at a time 😀

Thank you for reading! Have you tried this product or found anything which does the same thing? I’d love to know! 🙂<a href="" target="_blank">Take Our Poll</a>

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