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Nyx Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette: Brights


Instagram: makeupby.misha

I can honestly say I fell in love with this palette before I even used it. I was looking to get my hands on the Juvias Place Masquerade palette because of the amazing colors and pigmentation I saw online, but I had to find an alternative instead. This nyx palette was one of the few palettes that had all the bright colors you could want for a fun look. Sure, it doesn’t have the basic black, brown, and white, but I’m glad it doesn’t. It is pure color and matte. Whenever I look at it I feel inspired to do a new and different look from the next. I guess the artist in me gets a little too excited. Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of fallout, which makes me super happy and makes the process more fun. I love using the orange and reddish tones in the crease to transition with, and blues and greens are just the right shades. The shadows also blend together really well for a drugstore palette. Well as you can tell, I’m head over heels for this palette, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experiment with some colors.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Do you have any palette gems you’re inspired by?

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