My Self-Pamper Routine

On a day when I feel my skin isn’t looking its best, or maybe needs some extra love, I always set out some time to make my skin feel fresh. By doing so, not only do I feel fresh and renewed, but my skin also feels new. I start off by completely cleaning my skin with a cotton round drenched in Bioderma. Then, i’ll wash my face with the fabulous Origins GinZing face scrub with a puffy sea foam sponge or my hands. It smells very fruity and citrusy, which I love. After that, I’ll choose a face mask to let my skin enjoy for about 10-20 minutes. I usually either apply the Origins Rose Clay mask, their 10-minute Aloe Vera mask or their Drink up Intensive mask (which is an overnight mask as well). Then, while the mask does its magic, I’ll use a body butter on the rest of my skin. Right now i’m loving using The Body Shop butters, so i’ll apply generous amounts of either fuji green tea or mango butter on my legs and arms. By now, my mask is ready to wash off, so i’ll wash it off and apply a good amount of lip balm to feel completely refreshed and calm.

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