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My Favorite YouTubers

One of my favorite past times is, of course, watching youtube videos about beauty and painting mostly. I started off watching videos of the one and only Kandee Johnson, and she inspired me to LOVE makeup. I was so inspired by how she created makeup looks using 10 different colors and different brands, that I emerged myself into the beauty world. I wanted to love and KNOW makeup just as well as she did. I had never seen so much passion for makeup artistry as I did in Kandee Johnson. After Kandee Johnson, I came across the wonderful Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo sisters. Oh – my – gosh.. they knew so much about makeup, I was in awe. Truth be told, I was unaware of how intricate and beautiful makeup was. Not to mention transforming. It really is a true art. Shortly after, I came across Jaclyn Hill, Tati Westbrooke, Michelle Phan and so many many many more. I never understood how people could love makeup so much, until now. It’s captivating and intelligent. It grows with the trends, but doesn’t forget its roots.

My favorite youtubers as of now are:

  1. Jaclyn HIll

  2. Tati Westbrooke

  3. Kaushal Beauty

  4. Chloe Morello

  5. Tanya Burr

  6. Amelia Liana

  7. Estée Lalonde

  8. Lena Danya

  9. Charlotte Tilbury

  10. Lisa Eldridge

  11. Kandee Johnson

#beauty #youtubers #favorites #makeup #kandeejohnson #jaclynhill #tanyaburr

#makeup #youtube #beauty #inspiration #youtubers

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