My Everyday Makeup Style

I know that the trend these days is for everyone to have on a full face of makeup and show their skills to the best of their abilities.. I mean what is makeup without a full on winged liner, contour, and of course a whole lot of highlighter? Personally, I don’t have anything against that kind of look at all because it’s a beautiful look! However, on an everyday basis I can’t get myself to stick to such a look because of how time consuming and static it looks for my routine.

The makeup I like to wear is pretty minimalistic, although some might argue its too much as well. I like to start off with, of course, prepping my skin with a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen to add that natural glow and luminosity to my face. Sometimes just putting on a cream in the morning is what wakes up my face. Then, I like to add a pop of blush around my cheekbones to add dimension and a flush of color and life. Sometimes I like to add a lip color as well, so I opt for either a really long wearing lipstick or a liquid lipstick.

For this particular day, I chose to wear the Milani Illuminating blush because it’s a beautiful natural light pink with a bit of a sheen, and I wore the Makeup Forever Lip Liner in 2C (which is a beautiful brownish pink natural color with a super smooth creamy formula and long wearing power). On top of that lip liner, I added the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in the color “Bow n Arrow”, which looks beautiful on top of a pinky base. I would say it’s my perfect nude. I also added my hoola bronzer by benefit to add more dimension to my face, which I really enjoy doing lately. One of the standout products for me was definitely the Anastasia Contour/Face brush, because it’s perfect for blush and contour so I don’t need a lot of brushes to do my look – just one. The best part about this makeup look is how easy it is to just swipe of from my face at night!

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