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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vol II Palette.

Well, where do I start with this palette. I had such high hopes. The color scheme is beyond beautiful, and the finishes are quite nice as well. The color story itself is what drew me to this palette because I haven't seen or needed such a palette before. The yellow, purple and everything in between all compliment each other so well and wonderfully that there are over a thousand possibilities in terms of looks. I especially love the first frosty pink color, its a great topper.

Now the reason I don't like this palette comes down to one thing. It gave me a terrible allergic reaction on my skin and inside my eyes. I imagine the formula is not cruelty free anymore, and there are is now "Carmine" in the shadows. Carmine is a terrible ingredient which some people are allergic to. "Carmine is a bright red pigment made from cochineal. In cosmetics and personal care products, Carmine is used in the formulation of a wide variety of product types, including make up and nail polish. Carmine imparts a red color to cosmetics and personal care products."

So if you have allergy to certain makeup or you feel your eyes or skin is quite sensitive, I would recommend testing a patch of the reds and purples on your arm before planting it on the eyes. This applies for any red, pinks and purples in any palette. Some are not cruelty free.

With that, I really wish I was able to use this palette. Alas, I can't.

Thank you for reading!

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