Makeup Brushes I Love!

Like any other makeup lover, I love collecting makeup brushes and experimenting with what each one can do for me. The ones I really can’t do a nice clean makeup look without are the following:

  1. A Blush Brush

  2. A small powder brush

  3. A fluffy crease brush

  4. A flat headed brush

  5. A tapered crease brush

  6. An extra fluffy brush

When doing an intense or normal eye look, a fluffy crease brush is so important to get rid of harsh lines and blend colors perfectly, while the tapered crease brush is perfect to pack on color in the crease while blending it in specific areas. A flat headed brush is extremely useful to pack on color onto the lid, so that there is as much pigment as possible as well as less fall out. An extra clean fluffy brush on hand is always useful to blend everything out throughout the creation of our beautiful eye looks … and of course we need a powder brush to swipe away any fall out or add a highlight. The blush brush I sometimes also use to highlight, but the perfect blush brush only needs to be swiped on the cheek with no effort because it knows what to do 🙂

Thank you for reading! What are your must have brushes?