Kylie Lip Kits



I finally got my hands on two of the lip kits by Kylie Jenner. The ones I opted for are Candy K and Posie K, which are extremely beautiful and wearable colors. First of, it was not easy for me to find these lip kits here in Dubai. I did find them, however, through an account on instagram. When I first got them, I tried the lip liner in the Kit. I was so pleasantly surprised by this lip liner. It is long wearing and easy to apply. Its not your basic lip liner which would dry out the lips. Its very soft and smooth to apply, very similar to a lip primer pencil. The nib is also not very sharp, but rather it is rounded. After applying the lip liner, as Kylie suggests, I tried Candy K. The product itself smells absolutely lovely.. almost addicting to smell. It smells sweet, but not too overpowering. I would describe it as a strawberry milkshake scent. I would advise, however, to apply just one very thin layer on to the lips because thats how they appear most beautiful. I applied it, at first, very heavily and found myself disliking the product. It was flaky and drying and a lot of my other liquid lipsticks were more than half the price, and had better formulas. However, I continued to try them and ended up really liking them. I use only one layer and start from the inside centre of my lips and smydge or blur them outwards with the same wand without adding more product while it dries. The liquid lipstick does dry pretty fast, so I do have to work fast. The best part is that these lip colors last a VERY long time, especially Posie K. I look forward to trying more colors. I’ve got my eye on Kourt K.

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#makeup #candyk #posiek #beauty #kylielipkit #dubai