Hello everyone! I thought to share a little about the kind of essentials that keep me motivated and inspired when I’m in a creative rut or just need to put myself in a positive mind frame/vibe for having a better day or owning my day. I just came off my spring break from University, so you can imagine that I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. Ah, if only spring breaks were a little longer 😀

During Spring breaks I usually focus on just relaxing and taking time out for creativity and de-cluttering my space because I LOVE doing that for myself. Now I can’t say i’m a die-hard fashion lover, but sometimes it’s just really fun to go all out and accessorize with a cute bag and a new outfit. I really love the bags Call it Spring makes.. especially this periwinkle blue bow bag I found (which also comes in purple). I honestly can’t love this bag any more.. it really embodies me from its color to its bow to its shape! And of course I had to add a little pom-pom on the side for some cute quirkiness. Along with the bag, I can’t go a day without writing or sketching in my little Moleskine sketchbook/journal… the pages are beautiful and the feeling of writing something down or sketching out a thought is so liberating!

I think I’ve convinced myself, through the power of a cute water bottle, that I must drink more water now. It’s actually one of my major goals for this year because I’m not the kind of person to rely enough on water, and I want that to completely change.  The water bottle in the picture is from Typo, and I absolutely adore it because it says “Part Time Mermaid, Full Time Dreamer” and the color really gets me. I don’t like water bottles that have a straw type design, and this one doesn’t have that so it’s just perfect for me! I can’t survive without a little lip balm or color on my face, so I love a nice buttery lip balm like the YSL rouge volupte ones. Sometimes, I just can’t be bothered with my hair because my hair really doesn’t cooperate with me, so I use the OUAI hair care wave spray for that extra volume and curl to my hair (trust me it works super well and smells amazing). Last but not least, my laptop is a serious essential to everyday, whether it’s during university days or on breaks, because it’s a tool for connecting, communicating, creating, and being entertained.

Thank you for reading this abnormally long blog post 😀  What are your essentials? I’d love to know!

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Computer hugs!

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