Benefit Lip Stains


I love a no-makeup day, but sometimes I like to add just a hint of color on my lips and cheeks. These Benefit lip stains are perfect for that effortless fresh look. The great thing about these lip stains is they can be applied on the cheeks as well, acting as a cream blush. They don’t dry out my lips at all, and they’re actually quite moisturizing.

They come in a red (benetint), pink (posie-tint), coral (chacha-tint) and purple (lolli-tint) stain. My favorite is definitely the Lolli-Tint because of how it compliments my olive/tan skin tone. The cha cha tint is also great because it has more color pigment than the pink one. The pink one, posietint, is great for a completely natural look. They’re amazing for the summer… plus they look super cute with a nail polish style brush applicator.


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