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3 Eyeshaddow Palettes worth the money! 

kat Von D

Lorac Pro

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

I’ve tried many Eyeshaddow palettes which are great, such as the Naked Palettes, but my top 3 palettes right now are definitely the chocolate bar palette by Too Faced, The Lorac Pro palette, and ofcourse The Shade and Light Eye Palette by Kat Von D. The formulas of each of these palettes are amazing. They’re pigmented, blend able, soft and buttery and beautiful shades. The Lorac Palette, of the three, has more fall out but it is extremely blend able. The chocolate bar palette is the more glamorous one because of the shimmers and jewel tones. The Kat Von D palette is the most amazing silky formula with all the neutral gleaming matte shades one could want, and it’s very versatile for everyday and any occasion.

What are your favorite palettes?


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