About Me

My Journey to Makeup

My name is Misha, and I'm a makeup artist based in Dubai, UAE. I trained at the Toni Malt Academy in Dubai, with the wonderful beauty and fashion makeup artist herself, and I've come to find myself be more and more fascinated with the beauty industry. 

It is a wonderful place to be in! 

I have a BFA in Studio Art, so my first passion was traditional painting, illustrating and creating. That passion morphed into this new one, where my canvas has shifted from paper to skin. I love faces, features, colors and the power of color. Naturally, that made being a makeup artist the dream, and so my need to create art added with my obsession with beauty products resulted in makeup artistry. 

As a makeup artist, my wish is to allow every clients feature to shine as bright as they can, and not just with highlighters. I specialize in editorial, bridal, celebrity glam and fresh clean skin. Each face is so unique and special, and I hope my makeup artistry makes each of my clients feel their most beautiful and glamorous. Whether its because you have beautiful almond eyes or the sweetest cheeks, I will strive to show your beauty! 

I hope you find this space enjoyable, informative and reliable. 

If you have any inquiries, you can contact me at

You can also find me on instagram @mishaland

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